EcoFest in Arlington Saturday March 31

This guy makes sure the edibles grow.

This Saturday, March 31, Sustainable Arlington will host its annual EcoFest. This year the focus is on local food. Local in the sense of buying from a local farmer, and in the sense of growing it in your yard.

Heaping bowl of cherry tomatoes from the back yard? Yes please!

I’ve been asked to present on compost – not just my fast urban compost but for people who don’t want to spend the same time/effort I do to create three cubic yards over the winter. I’ve drafted a piece for “Good Citizen” and “Garden” composters that I’ll put online soon is online now. I’ll answer questions and provide tips. Please visit and hang out for a while.
The featured speaker this year is Charlie Radosolovich, also known as the Rad Urban Farmer. Some may also know him as the guy who had a plot in my yard for three years as part of his CSA, which uses land in people’s yards to grow food which gets distributed among the CSA members.

Saturday, March 31
10 am – 2 pm
Arlington Town Hall
Saturday, March 31 from 10 am – 2 pm in Town Hall


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