Saving butterflyweed seeds

Monarch butterflies aren’t the only ones that love butterflyweed.

Finding Asclepias tuberosa or Butterflyweed seed pods is relatively easy. Getting the seeds without a load of the white “silks,” however, can be a bit more difficult unless you know how to open and hold the pod for seed saving.

As you’ll see in the short video, you want to start by tearing off the fatter end – the part that was attached to the stem.

Then carefully pry the pod open and firmly grasp the pointy end. (That’s what I was signalling by clamping my fingers in the video – hold the pointy end firmly!) This keeps the silks firmly in place so you’re removing the seeds only. Then scrape.

After collecting the seeds I like to leave them in an open container for a few days so they can dry out before placing them in the refrigerator.

You can also see here for full instructions on how to sow immediately or to save and cold stratify the seeds.

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