Hold onto your parsley, people!

Flat leaf parsley. You don’t need to do this much at a time.

Now is the time to harvest and quickly preserve lots of parsley for winter soups (and soup stocks).

Sure, parsley will survive much cooler weather, but as the daylight wanes and cooler daytime temps become the norm, the aesthetic appeal of the plants diminishes and eventually it becomes a bunch of limp, dangling green branches that are halfway to mush.

Harvesting and preserving parsley is about as simple as it gets, as I’ve mentioned before.

  1. Harvest good looking parsley.
  2. Rinse and spin dry in salad spinner or pat dry with clean towel.
  3. Remove stems.
  4. Place leaves in freezer bag.
  5. Roll bag into “log” to save space.
  6. Place bag in freezer.

Sometimes I will chop or mince the parsley before bagging it. Doing this puts a lot more parsley in a smaller “log,” and also allows me to just drop a chunk of the log into a soup if I want chopped parsley in the final product.

Otherwise, just break off as much of the log as you want and drop it in the soup.

Rather than recreate the log, as it were, here is a great series of visuals from Margaret Roach and her entertaining A Way to Garden blog.


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