Easy compost turning with video

Turning compost can be difficult for people with limited upper body strength, a bad back or limited height, depending on the style compost unit you use. Plunging a pitchfork or shovel into a pile is easy, but lifting that material may not be.

What we’ve found is that a long bulb augur does the job well, at the right price.

We’ve long included the bulb augur in our list of items you might want in order to start a compost. The augur makes deep turning much easier by capturing only a small amount of material and using the spinning action to bring it to the top.

A visiting relative took a short video a few years ago as well, but I somehow forgot to upload it until now. Enjoy!

(One misstatement in the video: I do not use a pitchfork and then immediately use the augur. I use the augur every once in a while as needed, but definitely not every time.)


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