Making large paper pots

Now that we know newspaper is as safe as anything else to use in the garden, here is a quick tutorial on how to make paper pots.

I generally use a soil block maker to start seeds and then another block maker for transplanting, but when I do make small paper pots, I use this wooden maker. However, you can use the same technique to make smaller pots using any concave-bottom-shaped vessel – some people use tomato paste cans, for example.

In this example, I’m making large paper pots – I typically use this size for tomato or pepper seedlings as their final up-potting before they get planted.

How to make large paper pots:

Any wine bottle with a concave bottom will do.

Any wine bottle with a concave bottom will do.

Step 1: Find a wine bottle with a concave bottom, and a sheet of newspaper. Fold the sheet in half length-wise.





Roll the bottle so the newspaper wraps around it.

Roll the bottle so the newspaper wraps around it.

Step 2: Lay bottle about 1.5″ above bottom of newspaper and roll. Don’t roll it too tight! If you do, it can be difficult to slide it off the bottle later.






IMG_2178Step 3: With the newspaper still on the bottle, crush the bottom of the newspaper into the concave area of the bottle.




IMG_2179Step 3: Still crushing newspaper into the bottle.






IMG_2180Step 4: This is what it should now look like.







IMG_2181Step 5: Slide the newspaper off the bottle and you’re done!

Some people say to use tape or staples, but I never find that necessary. These will hold up just fine for several weeks. At planting time, I try to unroll the paper as best I can.

Happy growing!

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