Recycling pumpkin recycling

Pumpkin recycling station 2-top onlyI’ve addressed pumpkin recycling in the past, but it is worth revisiting and updating with a new flyer you can use, below.

The idea is this: In most municipalities, you’re not supposed to put pumpkins in the yard waste, so it goes in the garbage which we (taxpayers) pay to dispose of by weight.

Instead of sending those heavy pumpkins to incinerators or landfills, place the flyer at your house Halloween eve. Next day, put a bucket, barrel or tub out front with the sign so people can bring their used pumpkins to you.

The new flyer is not specific to Arlington and is also, hopefully, a bit clearer and more attractive.

Why spend taxpayer money to haul away pumpkins when you can save taxpayer money while making compost?

Happy Halloween!


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3 Responses to Recycling pumpkin recycling

  1. A. T. Moseley says:

    This is a great idea, but we didn’t see any of these buckets in our are (we rent and don’t have a yard to do our own composting,). Do you by any chance know of anyone who still has a pumpkin-recycling station out?


  2. Angela A says:

    While I think its a great idea to compost pumpkins, my husband and I found out after we threw a whole pumpkin in to be composted, when spring came and we started using that compost we noticed sprouts appearing. The pumpkin seeds DID NOT compost and began sprouting everywhere we used the compost. Great if you want to start your own pumpkin patch.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Point taken. This is true of most squash seeds and often tomato seeds as well.

    In the case of squash, the seedlings are easily recognized and easily dispatched. They usually have two broad leaves that pop up and one slender tap root so they pull easily. Despite being rumored difficult to transplant I found that most survived my moving them.

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