Business discounts on LED lights

DISCLAIMER:  We buy things from EFI but we don’t get anything special from promoting them. Just want to make that clear.

UPDATE: EFI informed me that the program changed – the new flyer (linked below) is accurate as of 12/28/2011.

Our favorite local efficiency store, Energy Federation Inc. of Marlborough, has great

Business customers get great deals on LEDs right now.

discounts available for businesses. You can get LED lights for a song (some as low as $1.) Yes, you can actually get some LEDs for less than an incandescent bulb.

Unfortunately this is only for business electricity customers (technically, all “non-residential rate” customers.)

The flyer for the rebates is a .pdf file here.

Not certain which bulb to buy? Contact Steve at (800) 876-0660 ext. 4437 and tell him A-HEET sent you.

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