What is on your plate this fall?

The sun sets at 4:30 pm these days. Despite today’s beautiful weather, summer is definitely gone – I can tell by the frequent drone of leaf blowers.

What are you planning to do this fall/early winter to improve your efficiency? I’ve got a number of items on my list:

1. Install a bath fan in the proper location (home came with one installed at ankle level) using a remote or in-line fan.

2. While in that knee wall, I’m going to use rigid insulation along the roof line because the fiberglass insulation doesn’t stop air flow.

3. I’ve already started testing a simple basement window seal/insulation. (If you’ve got basement windows set into concrete and want to help test please contact me.)

4. Make lots of speedy compost, all winter long. I’ll have more on this in another post soon.

So, what’s on your plate?

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