Jan. 15, 2011 results

Saturday was a great day to cut carbon.
While the results weren’t the highest we’ve had, we did reduce air-infiltration by more than 10%, and a lot of great people went home with a lot of new skills they can put to use in their own and other homes.
After adjusting for temperature differential we saw the air-flow, measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM), drop from 5000 cfm to 4474 cfm. Put in terms we can more easily understand, we closed a hole approximately 5” x 12” or more than a 10% reduction in air infiltration.
We did that with materials that (except for the door weatherstripping) can be purchased in most hardware stores, in just a few hours, for a few hundred dollars.
In monetary terms, the family should use at least 35 fewer therms, saving them about $50 annually, or $500 over ten years. It will also prevent the emission of 4200 lbs. of co2 over ten years.
The homeowners also have a list of other items they can do to save even more money and carbon in the coming months.
A huge thanks to everybody, and take a peek at some of the photos, graciously taken by Deanne, of work completed during the day, below or by clicking here.

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