Is your direct vent clear?

We keep getting more snow

We’ve had a lot of snow locally in the last few weeks. Another 8″+ today has made the commute difficult and added significantly more to the piles of snow next to our driveways.

As you’re shoveling your driveway here’s a safety chore for you: Check your dryer and direct venting utilities (hot water heater, furnace, etc.)
If the vents get blocked it will not only prevent your appliance from functioning properly but it can actually send the CO into your home rather than outside, as designed. Every year we hear and read stories about people who get ill and/or die from CO poisoning in their own homes. Please take the few moments to make sure yours are clear of snow or other things, for your and your family’s safety.
In addition, you should also have functioning CO monitors in your home, with fresh batteries.
Enjoy the snow!
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